Everyone is aware that real estate agents receive a commission when they sell a home. That commission is typically a percentage of the selling price of the home, and the agent usually receives it after the deal has closed.

What a lot of people don’t know is that many agents turn to companies just like AccessEasyFunds to get an advance on their real estate commissions. Why pay a fee for money you’re going to get in the near future anyway? Here are some common reasons:

No Multi-Stage Deals

If a real estate agent doesn’t have a bunch of different deals on the go that happen to be at different stages, the advance will help bridge the gap until those cheques come in. If multiple real estate deals are all at the same stage, this means they will close at the same time and commission cheques will arrive at roughly the same time.

Unfortunately for agents and their families, expenses won’t wait until the commissions arrive, so getting an advance is the logical solution.

Time-Sensitive Expenses

Everyone has bills and expenses that are due on a certain date month after month, and real estate agents aren’t any different. Utility companies and other creditors aren’t about to modify their payment schedules to conform to a real estate agent’s commission payments. Paying time-sensitive expenses is a great reason to get a commission advance,

Keeps Everything Organized

Basically, when a real estate agent takes a commission advance, it enables him or her to keep their financial lives organized and keep everything in balance. When commissions are paid out at irregular intervals, it disrupts the flow and can even lead to credit issues down the road.

There aren’t many real estate agents or people for that matter, who would choose to make a credit payment over buying groceries for the family. However, that could be the choice that has to be made sometimes if an agent is forced to wait for commission cheques to arrive.

And everyone knows what happens if you start missing credit payments. Your income might indicate you make enough, but the fact that you had to miss payments to pay other bills will hurt your credit score. With commission advances, all expenses can be paid when they’re supposed to be paid, and an agent’s financial world can stay in harmony.

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