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Canada’s Leading Commission Advance Company


We are proud to be Canada’s leading commission advance company!


AccessEasyFunds was established with two primary goals in mind – (i) to provide a cheaper and fairer commission advance alternative to Canadian real estate agents; and (ii) to offer a wider array of commission advance services, with fewer restrictions, that are more in line with today’s real estate market.

AccessEasyFunds provides the highest standard of customer service. We have invested in state-of-the-art technology so that we can provide same day service to our valued customers. Our dedicated, established, and professionally trained staff are committed to being extremely efficient to process all commission advance requests as quickly as possible. As our valued customers testify we are usually able to complete an advance request and remit funds the same day.

We are proud of our achievements to date, and continuously strive to improve the lives of real estate agents. We have led the market in bringing low cost affordable pricing, and continue to lead the market in our service offerings. We understand the real estate market, and bring a unique approach that allows our qualified customers to work with fewer restrictions: we do not have a cap on the size of the advance; we do not limit an agent to one advance at any given time; we do not limit advances to deals closing within a prescribed time; and we do not limit our advances to deals with minimum deposit thresholds.

Our approach to the advance solution has enabled us to extend our advance services to commercial deals, new construction and pre-construction, and lease transactions. Again, we have been pioneers in the marketplace in this regard.

Our unique position on simple fair pricing with no hidden fees, coupled with our extensive array of advance services has enabled us to achieve remarkable success. We are continuously growing, as our customer base continues to increase from referrals and the reputable work we do.

To date, we have advanced commissions on over $9 Billion worth of real estate transactions, firmly establishing ourselves as the leading company in this market. We work with all of the franchise groups in Canada (and serve as the nationally approved supplier to some major franchise groups) as well as many independent brokerages. A lot of top producing agents within these different groups are our customers, and we are their funding source. We have proudly partnered with many agents over the years, and have helped them grow their sales volumes by using our services.

Our team is committed to staying the leader in this market. In doing so, we are constantly researching new approaches to better serve our customers who we are constantly evolving with.

We are proud to be Canada’s leading commission advance company. But most of all, we are proud of the commitment we’ve show to our customers for over a decade.

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