Any real estate agent is aware of the cash flow problems that come with their profession. There are many people who envy agents for their sales commissions but most of them generally overlook one simple aspect – it can take months before agents actually get to see the commission in their accounts! Agents cannot rely solely on one deal; they usually work on multiple accounts. And that means more work and more costs but only potential income until the house sale is closed.

What is AccessEasyFunds?

AccessEasyFunds offers an efficient solution to agents who are interested in resolving their cash flow problems. They offer cash advances on real estate commissions. It is as simple as that. That means that any agent who has a signed agreement of purchase and sale can cash up to 90% of his or her due commission in advance.* How does it work? It is a fairly simple process with our commission advance QuickQualify process, and it includes some simple steps.

Make Sure You Have a Deal

The first and most important step is the purchase and sale agreement on a property. The agreement is actually the proof that you will be paid a commission when the deal is closed. It doesn`t matter if the deal is a sale, a resale, or a lease. It doesn’t make a difference if you sell a house or a condo either. More importantly, the closing date does not have a bearing in getting an advance on your commission even if it is a long one. So, do what you do best and get a signed agreement!

Prepare To Qualify

For first time applicants there is a QuickQualify application form to be filled out. You then need to fax or email AccessEasyFunds a few documents. Here is a list of some of the required documentation:

  • Copy of driver’s license for identification purposes
  • A void cheque for first time applicants only
  • Copy of purchase and sale agreement
  • Copy of the trade record sheet signed by the broker and realtor
  • Copy of all waivers of conditions in the agreement
  • In case you are the co-operating agent, you also need to submit a copy of the deposit cheque or receipt from listing agent

Prepare To Get Your Approval

The approval is a simple three-step process that involves a signed and verified commission advance agreement. It takes less than 24 hours to be approved and here is how it usually goes:

  • A commission advance agreement is sent to you by fax.
  • You and your brokerage firm need to sign it.
  • In the end, AccessEasyFunds will verify with your office and fund your advance.

In a few easy steps you can get your real estate commission faster with our commission advance service. It is a solution that offers you a way out of your cash flow problems and keeps you afloat until you get your commission. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

*Subject to qualification and banking process