The concept of a real estate commission advance is a new lending tool created exclusively for real estate agents facing financial hardships while waiting for their commission to be paid. A real estate commission is often substantial, but, unlike a pay check, it doesn’t come regularly. That is why many agents need help paying their bills before they get their commission. The solution to their problems comes in the form of a real estate commission advance.

Getting a traditional loan while waiting for your commission on your real estate deal is out of the question since banks can take a long time just to process the application and do the required checks. On the other hand, a real estate commission advance entails not only a simple application process and minimum paperwork, but also very quick processing times. The point is that you can get your advance within less than 24 hours from the time of your application.

You can get your real estate commission advance from AccessEasyFunds quickly if you send them your complete application package on a timely basis .  The fund each day at 4:30pm Monday to Thursdays and by 1:00 pm on Fridays. They will fund your bank account with the approved amount by midnight the same day or by morning of the next day. If you apply on Friday and send the complete application package in a timely manner, you may get your commission on the next business morning, usually on Monday.

Therefore, it really depends on how fast you move and how fast you can provide the required documents. Considering that there is a short list of documents necessary for approval, it is really simple to put together the package and send back the signed advance contract on time.

Conventionally, most providers do not offer advances on all types of deals.  AccessEasyFunds does however advance o residential resales and leases, industrial sales and leases, commercial resales and leases, and new home sale and new or preconstruction condo sales.

Providers of real estate commission advance solutions do restrict the timing to closing, which may last more or less than 90 days. AccessEasyFunds does have these restrictions.  AccessEasyFunds, makes it easy to get the commission you’ve earned quickly and efficiently. Trust Canada’s leading commission advance company to help you get your hard earned cash deposited into your bank account fast!