Whether you’re part of a dual income household or you’re taking care of everything yourself, waiting for real estate commissions can really mess up the financial flow. Trying to match up bills that are due with the ‘approximate’ date your commissions will arrive is beyond anyone’s realm of expertise.

That’s why more and more agents are turning to real estate commission advances to even it all out. You can’t change the way the industry is run, but you can change how you get paid.

Problem Many Agents Face

The reason that the concept of the commission advance exists at all is because many agents experience problems with the way the payment system works. Some of these issues include:

  • Scheduled Expenses – Everyone has them, and when they’re due or are withdrawn and there isn’t anything there, it’s easy to see how it becomes a problem. Some of the most common household and business expenses are time-sensitive, which makes waiting weeks or months for commissions completely useless.
  • Deals at the Same Stage – If an agent has several deals on the go that are all at different stages, the likelihood of the commission payments being spaced out is greater. If the deals are at the same stage, the payout may be wonderful, but there will be a big gap between payments.

Even though an agent may be making a solid living and money is always ‘on the way’, it’s easy for anxiety to creep into the picture if an advance isn’t used. Missing bills payments and other money issues can cause unwanted stress!

How an Advance Equals Control

When a real estate agent takes advantage of a commission advance, it gives back control in a couple of very important ways. Firstly, it enables him or her to receive a steady stream of money so there are no lengthy breaks between commission cheques. This enables the agent to maintain financial balance and stay on top of payments when they are due. It enables him to always have funds available when monthly expenses come along, so his credit score and rating is a true reflection of his income.

It also enables him or her to stay in control of all the negative emotions that are common with financial instability. This second one might be the most important element, as nothing can really match peace of mind when it comes to your cash flow.

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