AccessEasyFunds is a no-hassle, simple way for real estate agents to get a real estate commission advance. Managing cash flow is a major issue for many real estate agents, especially those just starting out in the business. In order to continue conducting professional business and tending to future clients, agents need money. And since many deals can take weeks, even months to close, it can take a while to see that first paycheck in your account.

So after signing an agreement of purchase of sale on a property your client has bought or sold, simply follow the following four steps to get a quick real estate commission advance. Even if the purchase or sale takes more than 90 days to close, the following steps still apply.

1) Simply waive the conditions in the purchase or sale agreement.

2) Fill out our online qualifying form to make sure your purchase or sale qualifies for the advance, if you are not sure give us a call! We need your name, agency information, bank account information, driver’s license information, a void cheque, a copy of the purchase or sale agreement and the conditions waivers and finally a copy of your T4A and the trade record sheet. Most of this information only needs to be given on your first advance! After gathering all the documents submit it online or fax it in to our offices.

3) After being approved, we send you the advance agreement. Sign the agreement, and have it signed by your brokerage office and send it back to us.

4) Sit back and watch the real estate commission advance deposited directly into your account. Quick and easy!

AccessEasyFunds does not take a percentage of the sale, but we do charge a very competitive flat rate fee for the service that is calculated on a per diem basis. We can advance you up to 90 per cent of your commission, with no caps. Even if your deal is a multi-million dollar one, we got you covered.

By getting an advance on your real estate commission, you can ensure your business never staggers. No more waiting for cheques to clear after working so hard to help your client sell or buy a property. Now, get paid immediately so you never have to worry. Getting an AccessEasyFunds real estate commission advance will help you conduct your business with ease!