The real estate commission advance business works well for both lenders and the agents. Real estate agents get money they need to help with everyday expenses, and lenders earn a fee on money they know will be coming in.

The real question for many real estate agents is which commission advance company to use? Are they just all the same, or do some provide added be benefits over others?

The Advance

So are all commission advance companies the same? In a word… No. Not all companies offer the same commission advance for real estate agents. As you shop around, you’ll probably notice that 70 to 80 percent is a common number, with some going up to the 90 percent range. Many real estate agents rely on this service to keep their cash flow actually flowing, so the percentage of commission offered can make a big difference.

The money is usually paid when the agent provides a signed proof of purchase to show that the deal is done and the process is rolling along. For an agent, it is probably tempting to just jump at the highest payout, but there are other factors that should influence your decision.

The Fees

Obviously, the way a commission advance company stays in business is to charge fees on the money they advance to agents. This is also the part where you will notice the biggest difference among companies, and the part you should focus on when looking for an advance.

If the company you are researching charges a percentage, take the time to calculate what that actually means in dollars before you agree to take the money. If a certain company offers a higher percentage of the commission as an advance, but you end up paying back a lot more, you may be better off looking elsewhere.

Keep an eye open for hidden costs, minimum fees and minimum loan amounts or time frames. Just like any other type of lender, not all commission advance companies are completely straightforward when discussing the fees.


If you have questions about real estate commission advances, contact AccessEasyFunds today. We can help you qualify for a commission advance and get your hands on your money fast!