A commission advance has proven to be a much better choice when looking to receive cash quickly. While most people turn to a line of credit or personal loan to cover unexpected or short-term expenses, real estate agents are at an advantage when it comes to commission advances.

Commission advances have many more realized benefits over other types of loans. Here’s why you should choose a real estate commission advance:

  • First and foremost, receiving a commission advance means you have already closed a deal and will be receiving the money in time. In order to be approved for a commission advance, you must have documented proof that you closed a house and will be receiving commission. AccessEasyFunds wants to ensure you can take on an advance with lower risk of accumulating debt and not paying it off, which is why we ensure you can pay off the advance before we offer it to you.
  • Commission advances offer highly competitive rates and therefore you are able to keep the money you’ve earned. The current commission advance through AccessEasyFunds is 75 cents per $1000. There are no additional fees, such as application fees, exit fees or minimum fees. Right now, you can receive a commission advance of $1000 for only $7.50 for a period of 10 days.
  • AccessEasyFunds understands the lives of real estate agents. Receiving a commission advance through our service means that you are working with a company that understands the real estate market, and whose rates fluctuate accordingly. Line of credits or personal loans are more general to anyone and aren’t customized to meet the needs of a real estate agent in Canada.
  • Our QuickQualify process is much quicker than traditional loans, meaning you get your advance when you need it. Dealing with lines of credit or personal loans may mean you are dealing with banks and other companies that may take longer to get your loan approved. They also may charge you more fees, have more requirements on how much you can be loaned and may charge you higher rates. Our commission advances focus solely on the deal you have closed in the market and provides a daily rate accordingly. As well, you can have your money deposited into your bank account the same day if you qualify!

Apply online today for your real estate commission advance and work with Canada’s leading commission advance company.