Every day, buyers and sellers sign purchase and sale agreements. However, agents get to cash their commissions only when the deal is finalized and that could take as long as 90 days or more. Meanwhile, bills are piling up. Given this situation, the only effective solution for real estate agents seems to be an advance on their future commission. But are commission advances truly a good choice for agents?

The Most Obvious Benefits

  • You can cash as much as 90% on your advance commission. That means that you will have almost your entire commission paid to you in advance!
  • The costs are fairly small. It only costs 75 cents per 1000 dollars advanced per day.*
  • There are no hidden fees such as administration fees, application fees, exit fees, minimum fees or whatever other fees banks generally charge.  Commission advance fees usually involve a flat fee and that’s it!*
  • The process of getting an advance commission on your signed purchase and sale agreement is very simple, only requiring a few documents.
  •  The qualification process is very short and you can get your future commission in your account within 24 hours!*
  • You can receive an advance on almost any type of real estate sale or resale including commercial and residential sales of new homes or condos as well as leases.
  • There is no minimum size commission. Even if your transaction does not come with a huge commission, you can still get an advance on it.
  • The advance commissions can be cashed on several deals at once even if they have longer or different closing dates.
  • You can pay back the advance before closing without any penalty. And that is great given the fact that any other loan you may take will most likely involve an exit fee.

What If The Deal Doesn’t Close?

There are situations when a deal may not close. When that happens, it is no longer relevant why it didn`t close.  It simply means “Goodbye commission!” So what happens when the deal doesn’t close and you’ve already cashed almost your entire commission in advance? Well, there is a solution for that situation too! Organizations like AccessEasyFunds that provide advance commission solutions are prepared for such cases with amicable solutions to help you repay the funds in a convenient manner.

Overall, advance commission solutions seem to be a good choice for agents. It is a simple, fast and a versatile cash flow solution that can make the lives of real estate agents easier. Start the QuickQualify process now to get your advance!