Anyone who has made a living or is currently making a living as a real estate agent knows that there is often quite a gap between closing a deal and seeing a cheque. Unfortunately, life refuses to wait for real estate deals to close. And since there are so many factors involved in closing a deal, agents routinely wait for a month or even two before they get that commission.

That’s where AccessEasyFunds comes in. We help agents get their real estate commissions in a timely fashion, so the long wait is taken out of the equation. Here’s how it works:

The Commission Advance

The commission advance is one tool that enables agents to get their commissions, and it gets set in motion with a closed real estate deal. As the name suggests, the agent takes out an advance on his or her real estate commission so it isn’t necessary to wait until the deal is wrapped up.

AccessEasyFunds will advance commissions on new home sales, residential re-sales and leases, commercial sales and leases and new condo sales. All the agent has to do is pre-qualify through the website, and the process can begin.

Micro Loans

Another product that AccessEasyFunds has recently come out with is the micro loan. This one is available to registered real estate agents in most of Canada who don’t necessarily have a firm deal in the works.

The micro loan doesn’t require a credit check, but there is still a pre-qualification process. This product helps agents smooth out any rough patches over the course of the year.

The Fees

For the commission advance option, the only fee that AccessEasyFunds charges is 75 cents for every $1,000 advanced, each day on residential resales*. There aren’t any administration fees to speak of, no minimums, application fees or exit fees.

The Benefits

Naturally, this simple process is well liked and appreciated by many real estate agents. More than anything, it evens everything out and provides stability, enabling agents to organize their financial lives like someone on a salary would do.

Most real estate agents love the excitement and challenge of matching up buyers with the perfect property. A service like AccessEasyFunds gives them the opportunity to continue doing what they love, while maintaining a steady income to take care of their own personal and business expenses along the way. Contact AccessEasyFunds today for more information on how we can help you.

*subject to qualification