Being a real estate agent is an exciting and challenging and potentially lucrative career choice.  Many agents earn a very good income and are able to do something they love in the process.

Of course, any agent knows that how the commissions are paid out can make financial life a little dicey at times.  That’s why we offer cash advances to real estate agents; so you don’t have to wait weeks or even months for your money as life passes you by.

Here are 7 reasons to give it a try:

1) Uneven Closings

If your real estate deals aren’t at different stages and closing at different times, you may end up going a long period of time without payment.  Ideally, having multiple deals on the go that are all at different stages will result in cheques coming in at regular intervals, but this just isn’t always the case.

2) Get Organized

If you’ve ever experienced that head-swirling kind of feeling that comes from a disorganized financial life, you know how important organization is.  No one’s finances will be perfectly organized all the time, but having some semblance of order will help you to keep your daily life and your sanity in check.

3) Get Control

With organization also comes that feeling of being in control of your own life.  Waiting for money all the time will make you feel like you’ve lost control, and you might actually end up losing control of certain debts if you don’t have regular money coming in.  A cash advance will also help you stay in control of your anxiety level.

4) Household Expenses

Everyday, household expenses like rent or mortgage, groceries, gasoline and utility bills aren’t going anywhere and not having the money to take care of them causes a big problem.  It’s more than a sinking feeling when you can’t even get the basics, and a real estate commission advance will keep your household going strong.

5) Credit Payments

Any credit payments you have to make will usually wait, but your credit score will take a hit in the process.  Car loans, credit lines and credit cards all require timely payments if your credit is going to remain in a favourable place.  When you miss payments, it affects your credit rating, so do what you have to do to make sure that money is there.

6) Children

Receiving irregular pay cheques when you have kids at home has the potential to be a real nightmare.  Clothes, school supplies, field trips, sports equipment and dance lessons all cost money and sometimes they won’t wait for you to get paid.

7) Business Expenses

As a real estate agent, you have business expenses that must be paid to keep you rolling along and making deals.  Depending on how things work with your agency, you may need money for your own website, business cards and both offline and online ads.  Not to mention the gas it takes to drive around from property to property.  A real estate cash advance will enable you to keep your business going without any delays.

At AccessEasyFunds, we can take you through our Quick Qualify process to determine if you are eligible for a real estate commission advance. Complete our Quick Qualify form and get started now!