Today, real estate agents need to ensure they have a presence in the online world. It’s no longer just a simple signpost in the yard and a handshake. Online real estate has grown even bigger than the actual homes themselves. Prospective buyers like to feel as though they are can explore the home before they arrange a showing. They need to be able to understand what is great about the home and the neighborhood and develop an interest in the home before they have even walked in the door.

Here are 6 online real estate marketing tips which can help you win over customers before they enter the front door of your property.

Pinterest: Most agents feature photos and listings on their office’s website, but have you ever considered making a Pinterest page for yourself or your properties individually? Take as many pictures as possible to show off the property and its great amenities. Why not include images of the local attractions that surround the home? Since home buying and selling is such a visual experience, Pinterest lends itself well to the real estate industry.

Facebook: Another great online real estate tool is Facebook. How often does business get transacted because someone knows someone who fits that role perfectly or would be totally jazzed by that opportunity or really wants that product that you have that you don’t need? Facebook is like the virtual water cooler and you can use this platform to really show off your different properties and give people a peek behind the scenes of your recently listed properties.

Webpage: Of course you and your brokerage have a webpage but these places only say so much about a particular property or neighborhood. If you build a webpage for an individual home or an area where you have multiple listings this can be another amazing online real estate tool. Get people talking about what and where you’re selling and see where that takes you! You can become the premiere realtor for your area and draw in new buyers and sellers. Remember to promote your website across your other social media profiles.

YouTube: Another amazing online real estate tool used to sell homes is YouTube. It’s super easy and totally doable to put together some simple videos showcasing your properties. Try narrating a walkthrough of one of your homes for sale and uploading the resulting video to YouTube – then add the link to the video to your listing. Videos are a fantastic way for buyers to feel like they’ve truly experienced a home before they set foot in it.

LinkedIn: You should hopefully already have a LinkedIn page but if you don’t, you had best get to making your voice heard there. LinkedIn draws in a different caliber of customer, but any customer with money is one you want to be speaking with. LinkedIn is also great for commercial real estate if you are in that market as business owners and professionals tend to be very active on.

Message Boards: Finally if you have a message board where people can post comments, discuss neighborhoods, or ask questions directly to you or your office this is another fantastic online real estate tool for you to use. Make the most of these messages and check back in with people often to see what people are saying about you and your homes!

Online real estate is the here and now. If you haven’t been using these and other online real estate tools, it’s time to take advantage of these effective marketing tactics!