Along with our popular cash advance, AccessEasyFunds also offers a short-term micro loan to help out agents that are between payments.  If you’re waiting for deals to close or don’t have a firm deal in place, a micro loan is a great solution.  Here are five reasons to consider it:

1) Fast Approval

AccessEasyFunds micro loans go through fast, usually within 24 hours of being approved.  And the loan is sent directly to your bank account, which eliminates a step for you.  As a real estate agent that needs to bridge the gap between closings, having the loan approved quickly is a must to make ends meet. 

2) Convenient Payback

The micro loan you receive from AccessEasyFunds is set up a lot like a typical credit line.  You can make payments when it’s possible, and you won’t incur any penalties.  The fact that the payback option is flexible for agents makes the micro loan even more attractive.

3) No Credit Check

Your ability to get a micro loan depends on your confirmed real estate deals and won’t be subject to credit check.  If you’ve had any credit issues in the past, they won’t come back to haunt you when you apply.  Many people have found themselves in credit trouble, and even if it’s relatively minor it can be challenging to borrow from anywhere.

4) No Extra Fees

In many cases, products like micro loans are loaded up with hidden fees that you won’t find out about until it’s time to pay them.  With this loan, everything is out in the open and you won’t discover any extra or hidden fees at any point in the process.

5) High Borrowing Limit

As far as short-term, fill in the gaps micro loans are concerned, this one has a pretty high ceiling.  Depending on your situation, you can borrow up to $5,000.  A number like that will enable you to cover all your expenses, and keep your real estate business going until those deals close and your money comes in.

Take a few minutes to contact AccessEasyFunds today for more details and find out if this micro loan can help cover your expenses between commission payments.