There are plenty of reasons why real estate agents choose to work with AccessEasyFunds to get their advance commissions. The company is a well-established provider in the industry with commissions advanced on billions of dollars’ worth of transactions. It is a nationally approved supplier that works with a team of highly qualified experts to serve a variety of needs in the sphere of real estate commission advance solutions. Here are five top reasons why real estate agents prefer AccessEasyFunds:

  • Versatility – AccessEasyFunds provides real estate agents with advance commissions on all types of real estate transactions, whether it involves residential re-sales and leases or industrial and commercial re-sales and leases. This is a great feature of our advances that most other companies do not provide. In fact, the company even advances on new and preconstruction deals provided that there is a no claw-back clause in the commission agreement.
  • Quick Approval – No other supplier of advance commissions on real estate deals works so quickly. Within an hour of sending the application, real estate agents will receive an advance agreement that they need to sign. Should they send the contract back signed by 4:30 pm that day (Monday-Thursday), we will be advanced the money the very same day or the next morning. The exception is Fridays, when the complete advance package needs to be sent back by 1:00 pm in order to advance the money the same day.
  • No Restrictions – Real estate agents choose AccessEasyFunds because there are no restrictions as far as the time of closing, time of application, minimum size commission, or maximum size commission. There are no restrictions as far as the number of deals that real estate agents can apply and get approved for. Of course all subject to qualification.
  • Flexible Conditions – Another solid argument for working with Access Easy Funds is the way we handle things after an advance is paid to a real estate agent. Consequently, real estate agents may choose to pay back the advance before closing and there are no early repayment fees or penalties involved. Also, in case the deal does not close, AccessEasyFunds will work with the agent to resolv repayment of the agent is up front and honest. They prefer to seek amicable solutions to the problem so that real estate agents can still continue their business and the company will get repaid as well.
  • Minimum Costs – Real estate agents also appreciate the fact that AccessEasyFunds requires no administration fee, no application or processing fee, no minimum size commission fee or other hidden fees. Most importantly, there are no reserve holdbacks involved when working with AccessEasyFunds, which cannot be said about other suppliers of advance commissions.

These are the primary reasons why real estate agents choose AccessEasyFunds. The experience and track record of our company speaks to our professionalism in customer service. Real estate agents appreciate the versatility, flexibility, and comprehensiveness of their advance commission services and that is why they continue to work with them.