It was truly a pleasure to have done another commission advance through you guys. You make this process so easy and transfer the funds on such an amazingly short time.

Really appreciate the prompt and excellent service! Your website promised that and it’s refreshing that my personal experience confirms your promise. Will definitely be recommending your service to our other agents. Thanks again.

Frankly, you are the fairest and straightest people in the industry!!

I had such a good experience the last time that I would love to do business again.

Wow service like Mcdonalds.

Impressive efficiency you guys have established there!

I like to thank the AEF and the support staff for their professionalism in helping me with my request in advancing me money on my commission. Also, I look forward in dealing with you guys in the future and I will recommend AEF to my fellow colleague.

A pleasure doing business with you, AccessEasy has been the most professional commission advance company we have worked with.

From the time of my faxing the paperwork to you, to checking my bank account was one hour and 55 minutes. The money was already there. Thank you so much! You are really the best advance company I’ve dealt with in my 24 years of selling real estate.

What a surprise. I never had any experience where a person advancing funds thanked for returning it. This is the climax of professionalism. Very much appreciated. Thanks for the acknowledgement.

I will let the other realtors in my office know about your company. You are easy to deal with and certainly cheaper than then the other advance companies we have worked with.

Thanks again and it was easy for me to deal with you and I will remember this and recommend you to be the exclusive in-house commission advance company. It was easier, no admin fee and multiple draws, no limit…just a better service and product.

I think your excellent staff contributes to your company”s success – always efficient, they inspire loyalty to and confidence in your company. I was nervous to take a cash advance, but feel more reassured now.

Thank you, appreciate the lightening speed you work with!

I wonder if I am more efficient after realizing how consistently consistently efficient you are! You could promote that. Paying for you is less costly than a personal coach, but the benefit is the same – something like that!

I think you do a great job. It’s quick and less painful to the pocket book and this time of year it is critical to my business.

You offer a wonderful service and rest assured I appreciate it!

I’m actually glad I used your services. Will keep you in mind if I ever required funds. Thank you again for the excellent service. I am impressed.

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