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Q: What is a Commission Advance?
A: We purchase your Commissions at a reasonable and affordable discount so that you can advance the date upon which you receive payment of your Commission. You get paid ahead of closing. We call this service a Commission Advance.

Q: What is a Purchased Commission?
A: We refer to the amount of the commission that you sell us (your advance) as the Purchased Commission. We purchase a percentage of your commission.

Q: How quickly can my advance get processed?
A: Extremely fast: Our commitment is to send you a commission purchase agreement within one hour of receiving your complete application package. Provided we receive our commission purchase agreement duly signed by 4:30pm EST Monday to Thursday, you will receive funding directly in your bank account overnight or the next morning depending on your banking institution. (We remit funds the same day by Electronic Funds Transfer.)*

On a Friday or any day preceding a banking holiday, provided we receive our commission purchase agreement duly signed by 1:00pm EST, you will receive funding directly in your bank account prior to midnight that night.* Contracts received by 4:00pm EST will receive funding directly in your bank account on the Monday morning or the next business day as applicable.

(Some delays may occur if your account is not with one of Canada’s top tier financial institutions)

Q: When can I apply for a Commission Advance?
A: From the moment your have a firm sale – all conditions waived.

Q: What type of real estate deals do you advance commissions on?
A: We advance on residential resale’s and leases; commercial sales and leases; industrial sales and leases as well as new home and new/pre-construction condo sales.*

Q: At what stage can I advance my commission?
A: Any time after deal goes firm.

Q: Where is your service available?
A: We advance all across Canada with the exception of Quebec.
For Advances in United States, please click here

Q: Does my brokerage need to be registered with you?
A: We are the approved advance supplier to many brokerages across Canada. Chances are your brokerage is already registered with us. If your brokerage is not registered with us, we will set them up by way of your new QuickQualify New Account Application.

Q: Does my brokerage need to sign anything?
A: Yes. We do require that your brokerage signs our Commission Purchase Agreement.

Q: Do you advance in the United States?
A: No, but we have developed a strategic alliance with Middlegate Funding in the US.
For a link to their site please click here

Q: Will I be treated with the utmost confidentiality?
A: Our AccessEasyFunds representatives will treat your information with absolute discretion, confidentiality and privacy.

Our online submission process is completely secure. Your information remains with us, and will never be sold as data to another vendor. (Also please view our Privacy Policy)

Q: Is there a minimum size commission that you advance?
A: No. No dollar value or time period to closing is too small for us.

Q: Is there a maximum size commission that you advance?
A: No*.

Q: Are there any reserve holdbacks?
A: No. Our pricing is highly competitive with no hidden costs and no reserve holdbacks!

Q: Are there any admin fees?
A: No. Our pricing is highly competitive with no admin costs!

Q: Are there any application fees or account set-up fees?
A: No. Our pricing is highly competitive with no hidden costs!

Q: How much does a Commission Advance cost?
A: We charge a flat daily discount rate with no hidden fees. To view our current rates please click here

Q: How do you fund my advance?
A: We will fund your advance by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). This is our preferred method as it is the most efficient way to get you your cash.

Q: Do you advance brokers of record?
A: We do not advance brokers of record and/or broker owners for small brokerages. We will consider advancing brokers of record and/or broker owners of large brokers on a case by case basis. Please call us to discuss.

Q: Do you advance on commercial/industrial deals?
A: Yes*.

Q: Do you advance on Condo/Pre-Construction deals?
A: Yes*. Provided there is no claw-back clause in the co-op brokers (commission) agreement, we will advance the initial (first stage) commission installments. We will advance on the final commissions (installment) due on closing once your client’s firm occupancy is established, and the condominium corporation registration has been filed.

Q: Do you advance on new home construction?
A: Yes*. Provided construction has started.

Q: Can I advance more than one deal at a time?
A: Yes*. That’s no problem. We have no maximums on the number of advances outstanding at any time.*

Q: How do you collect your charges?
A: We deduct all our charges (fees) from the Purchased Commission amount, and fund you the net amount which we refer to as the “Purchase Price”

Q: Are your fees tax deductible?
A: Many of our customers do deduct our fees for income tax where they are using the advance for business purposes. We strongly suggest you discuss this with your accountant and/or lawyers.

We can at your request provide you an annual commission advance statement showing all fees paid.

Q: How much of my commission can I Advance?
A: Up to 95% on residential resale deals.*
     Up to 80% on all other deals.*

Q: Are your advances restricted to a closing within 90 days?
A: Unlike other advance companies, we have no restriction on the timing to closing. We will consider all deals, even if there is a long closing*

Q: Do you require a minimum size deposit?
A: Unlike other advance companies we do not require a minimum size deposit. We understand that each deal is unique, and we will consider each and every deal accordingly.*

Q: How do I repay you the Purchased Commission?
A: Our commission purchase agreement provides for your brokerage to remit to us the Purchased Commission after closing by Electronic Funds Transfer. If your brokerage is not able to remit payment by Electronic Funds Transfer OR Direct Deposit, we will accept a cheque payment. We will collect this cheque by courier and a courier fee will apply.

Q: What happens if the closing date on my deal is extended?
A: It is very important that you advise us of any changes in closing on a very timely basis (our contract requires you to do so). We will evaluate the reasons and background to the closing extension, and require a copy of a valid executed extension. If at our discretion we are satisfied with the extension, we will extend the Payment Due Date to coincide with the new closing date. An additional charge, which we call an Extension Payment will be levied. If we do not accept the extended closing date the Payment Due Date will remain as per the Commission Purchase Agreement.

Q: What happens if my deal does not close?
A: Whilst most sales do go through, we recognize that a sale may fall through. Our commission purchase agreement provides for this. You can repay the Payment obligations to us. We do however understand that you may not be in a situation to repay these Payment obligations and we are here to work with you to ensure you are still able to run your business (provided you are fully co-operative with us). We establish a payment plan that will provide for a repayment of all Payment obligations over a three month period through interim payments and/or applying future commissions.

Q: Is my brokerage liable if my sale falls through?
A: No – Our Commission Purchase Agreement disclaims the brokerage in the event the Property Sale falls through; or your brokerage does not collect your commissions; or there is a shortfall in the commissions.

*Subject to Qualification and/or Banking Processes

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