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We offer extremely low competitive rates

Our current Commission Advance discount rate is 75 cents per $1,000 advanced (purchased) per day.* No administration fees! No application or set-up fees and no exit fees! Furthermore we do not holdback any reserves! No hidden fees!

The number of days is calculated from the day of funding to the closing date plus 10 days.*


Click here to use our online calculator; which allows you to calculate your fees.
For example if you advance $5,000 of commission for 30 days, this will cost you $112.50*.

Call 1-888-386-3710 to speak with a customer service representative to get a full quote.

Rates are subject to change without notice.


* An additional Small Transaction Discount will be charged on all transactions less than $5,000. An additional Non-Standard Discount will be charged on all commercial deals, leases, new construction and to brokers of record/broker owners. Other exceptions may apply. Additional number of days may be applicable on certain advances (for example pre-construction).

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