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Commission Advance Application

Existing Customers

Please Note: If you are an existing customer, you do not need to complete this form, and there are no other forms. Simply Click Here for list of documents to send to us to get a quick Commission Advance.

New Customers

To *QuickQualify for an AccessEasyFunds account simply fill out our application form and submit it online, or fax it to us 1-888-827-1888 or email it to info@accesseasyfunds.com. No application fee is required. If you have questions please do not hesitate to call 1-888-386-3710.

Download the QuickQualify New Account Application Form (PDF) or fill in the fields below.

Must sign and date this form or check the box below if it’s submitted online.

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  • * First Name (correct legal name)
  • Initial
  • * Last Name (correct legal name)
  • * Address
  • * City
  • * Province
  • * Postal Code
  • * Drivers License Number
  • * Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • * Telephone Numbers (Home)
  • (Cell)
  • * Email Address

  • * Legal Business Name
  • * Address
  • * City
  • * Province
  • * Postal Code
  • * Telephone Numbers (Office)
  • (Fax)
  • * Office/Administrator’s email
  • * Broker Owner
  • * Administrator’s Name
  • Other Contact Name
  • Additional Notes or Comments
I certify that all the information I have provided is true and correct. I authorize AccessEasyFunds Limited and its affiliated companies to verify this information; and to verify the authenticity of any real estate sale and the ensuing commission for which any advance application is made with my Brokerage office and/or its head office/franchisor and or any successor Brokerage office and/or its head office/franchisor. I have read and acknowledge the AccessEasyFunds Limited Privacy Policy.
I Consent to receiving commercial electronic messages from AccessEasyFunds Limited and its affiliates to the email address provided above (and/or any revisions to such email address as notified to you by me), containing publications, announcements and other communications. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

Documents Required By AccessEASYFunds To QuickQualify Commission Advance
1. Account application information (as per above).
Complete this form only once - first time applicants only!
2. Clear copy of driver's license (with correct legal name) - first time applicants only.
3. Copy of Annual Commission Statement or T4A's for past two years - first time applicants only.
4. Copy of your VOID Cheque - first time applicants only.
5. Copy of the Purchase and Sale Agreement on all deals.
6. Copy of all waivers of conditions (subject removals) in the Purchase and Sale Agreement on all deals.
7. Copy of Trade Record Sheet (must be signed by Broker and Sales Representative) on all deals.
8. Copy of the deposit cheque or receipt from the Listing Agent - only if you are a co-operating agent or are the listing agent in BC or SK.
9. Copy of the SOLD MLS Listing.


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