Real estate is one of the most regulated industries in the country. The Realtor business often requires the need of cash readily available to invest in new opportunities or pay for marketing expenses amongst many other reasons. To be successful as a realtor, you need to be prepared for these situations, despite the irregular cashflow that is almost standard for the real estate industry.

Commission advances from AccessEasyFunds can be an extremely useful and convenient tool to help finance your real estate business. Let’s learn more about how they work.

What Is a Commission Advance?

Commission advances have gained in popularity amongst Realtors in Canada as a method of funding their business. If you’re new to this concept, it is simply accessing a portion of the commission you have already earned on a firm deal, without waiting until after closing.

A commission advance is not a loan. New advances can be approved and funded to your bank account on the same day, and certain companies like AccessEasyFunds do not even do a credit check.

Why Is It Important for Pre-Construction Deals?

An advance on the commission ensures that your cash flow remains consistent. On pre-construction transactions, commission payments are often broken down into multiple installments by the builder, and could incur payment delays, over and above the long duration of time from firming up a deal to the actual closing. By utilizing a commission advance on deals like these, agents are able to use the funds to create value for themselves and their business well before the scheduled commission payment.

What Avenues Does It Open Up for You?

As a realtor who is active in selling and buying new homes and condos pre-construction, you are surely well aware that it can take months, if not years, from the time your hard work was put in to firm the deal, until the time your commission is fully paid out.

The more active real estate agents and brokers are in this unique area, their cash flow becomes more and more inconsistent. This not only makes it more challenging to manage and plan your business operations, but it could also mean missing out on oppurtunities due to much of your funds being tied up in long-term pending commissions. 

With a commission advance, you can operate smoothly, invest in marketing, get more deals and reinvest the money in doing what you do best and growing your business. It is a unique tool that can provide you and your business with a strategic boost.

The daily expenses you might have to bear as a real estate agent that is active in the new construction market are multifold. Office rent, internet fees, listing and staging fees, taxes, insurance, and social media marketing are just some of the many. Commission advances can help you maintain a consistency in your cash flow, and a reliability of funds when you need them to support these expenses and capitalize on new opportunities.

AccessEasyFunds is your one-stop option for fast and easy commission advances on any type of real estate deal. Without the need of a credit check, or worrying about any hidden fees. It is always our goal to fund your advances the same day, with the highest level of service and care. This applies to advances on all types of deals including, residential, commercial, and pre-construction deals. Call us at (905) 707-7002 or click here for more information.