In this highly-regulated environment, real estate transactions can take a long time to close. Commission advances are a cost-effective way to fund your business operations and effectively manage your selling costs and personal expenses while you’re waiting for a deal to close.

Knowing how to utilize your commission optimally can prove helpful to both new and veteran real estate agents. Here are some things you may not have known about commission advances. 

You Don’t Need to Disclose Credit History

Real estate commission advance providers do not loan you any money. That means you don’t have to disclose your credit score or your social security number to get approved for an advanced commission. Procuring commission advances will ensure that your credit score remains unaffected while you receive a significant chunk of your income. 

You Get Paid Immediately

There is a common misconception that a real estate agent will have to wait for up to 90 days after applying for a commission advance to get their requested funding. This is not the case. At AccessEasyFunds Limited, we provide same-day funding services to our ‘advance’ customers. We directly send the funds to your bank account via Electronic Funds Transfer (E.F.T). 

It Can Serve as Your Emergency Fund

Living on a commission-only income can be pretty challenging, especially when you have financial commitments such as providing for your family. Financial security within the real estate industry can seem like a pipe dream, but getting advanced commissions can act as a financial safety net during emergencies. Your advanced commission can serve as an emergency fund and put a dent in your emergency bills. 

You Get to Be in Control of Your Finances

A commission advance helps you take charge of your financial future. Getting income according to your schedule means that you can take care of everyday expenses such as groceries or home repairs. With careful financial budgeting, you can formulate short-term and long-term goals for your future and begin to save your funds accordingly. If you’re smart enough with your budget, you can even allocate some funds for a vacation. 

Invest Back Into Your Business

If you don’t want to use your real estate advance commission to cover your personal expenses or emergency needs, you can always invest it back into your business. You can up your real estate game by investing in advanced technology, marketing & brand promotion, and further educational avenues. If you’ve had business innovation ideas that you couldn’t implement due to a lack of funding, you will now have the means and opportunity to test them out. 

AccessEasyFunds is dedicated to making a real estate agent’s life easier by offering affordable commission advances. We advance on all types of real estate deals, including residential, commercial, and industrial sales and leases, and new home and pre-construction condo sales. Apply for your AccessEasyFunds account here! If you have further questions, take a look at our FAQs page or call us at (905) 707-7002. You can also contact us online